GMFEA-Sponsored WEBINAR: Scaling Up Your Event
Start Date: 02/12/2020   End Date: 02/12/2020   
GMFEA-Sponsored WEBINAR: Scaling Up Your Event
Join Event Hub Co-Founder & CEO, Michael Bleau for a webinar on how to scale up your event in an increasingly competitive landscape - whether increasing attendance at a single event or expanding events within your portfolio. This webinar will incorporate tangible best-in-class examples across the more than 400 annual expos, home shows, festivals, and endurance races who make up our customer base. Topics will include team processes and communication systems, brand identity, optimizing b2b partnerships and selling out booths and sponsorships, inclusive programming, and word of mouth marketing through volunteers, ambassadors and influencers.
Wednesday Feb 12 @ 1 pm

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